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Thursday, May 25, 2006

What the hell?

Ok, I'm back. I'm gonna try to do some more reviews, maybe before I head off to Arkansas for a week. I might do some there. Let's see if I can't get this blown up again.

Here's a quick one.

Yup, Free Comic Book Day was a little while ago. Back in the past a bit. There I met some local comic kids. They sold me some books.

First up is Mr. Brad McGinty's pschydelic romp, Wysteria. Now, there are one or two spoilers. But they won't ruin the book.

Here's a good example of silent comics. The story follows what I can only guess is the soul of some anthropomorphic bird...thing, on a long journey. Where the journey is to, I'm sure I'll have to wait until the sixth issue to find out.
Each issue follows the mayan-god-soul thingie around in a sort of allegorical wonderland. There is a feeling of heroism when the television monster is defeated. But later, the hero falls into a sort of desperation made more and more evident by the injuries sustained on his travels. He befriends a small creature that helps, but as is often the case he lashes out at the creature.
The imagery is phenominal and a little less than subtle. Flowers, vaginas, wicked fetal creatures; the story is about change and birth. Not so much re-birth as that usually lends itself to restarting what you have already had. The scene in the third book of the "death" and reincarnation of the hero into a higher beingThe feel of this comic is very much go forward. You have to deal with life as it comes at you, whether it's the rent or some hideous fetal monster bird about to eat your face.
The back-up strips, like Millionaire Hobo and Bisquits and Davey are hilarious. These are funnier than most funny books, or syndicated comic strips.

I'll review another mini by McGinty, Pee Dog Posse and two by a collegue of McGinty's, Josh Latta: Anxiety, Sleep-Problems, & Depression some other time, since I'm all tired and just saw the DaVinci Code. Maybe I'll review that too, but you'll probably see it anyways, so who cares?


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