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Friday, December 02, 2005

Quickie Review for 12/2/2005

Alright, I haven't been to the store this week, or last week. But the week before that I purchased several comics, a couple I can't find now, but here's what I can find for a little quickie.

Top 10: Beyond the Farthest Precinct #4(of 5): Dust-Devil's mom died, and that preacher from Astro City did the funeral. Top10 is getting closer to figuring out the mystery of the clicker drug "Dark-Shots." Robyn's boy-toy finds another toy, oh boy. And a day at the game is ruined by a bunch of bat-people. Close Curtain. I'm getting to like this mini better and better with each issue. Di Filippo is keeping very true to the characters Moore put out. Ordway's art has always been hard for me to get around. At times it seems sloppy and dis-ingenuous, like he doesn't care all that much. But I guess it just takes getting used to. I'm still not a big fun of this loose sketchy style that several of these older artists are getting into, but it's still enjoyable.

New Excalibur #1 Claremont and Michael Ryan. Excalibur's back!! Captain Britain, Pheonix, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Dazzler, Psylocke, Juggernaut...Nocture? Ok, so there's a few new faces. Marvel's brought back that magical mystery team to fight some sort of evil X-Men that I'm guessing is some sort of off-shot of the House of M crisis that happened recently. Why did Marvel bring back these limey's (well, only one's a real limey idn't he?)? Because everyone was getting pissed since the last book titled Excalibur had nothing to do with any of these jokers. I enjoyed Claremont's and Davis's run on the original Excalibur immensly. I like Ryan's art in this one, and hope to see some good stuff out of this book. Hopefully the "Decimation" logo on the cover doesn't mean this is just some short-planned book designed as an offal of the House of M aftermath.

Fear Agent #1 Remender and Tony Moore: Alright! Here's a book I've been looking forward to for a while. Written by the prolific Rick Remender, gorgeously illustrated by Tony Moore and Sean Parsons, and kept within the lines by Lee Loughridge. This is just good honest sci-fi fun. No over or undertones, just a good old Texas boy running around stickin' it to the monsters of space. The second issue is out now, I believe.

Amazing Joy Buzzards Vol.2 #2 Smith & Hipp: So, yeah, I won't go into just how cool this book is, since you can probably guess that from previous entires. This one explains (?) the mystery that is Steveo, especially his inability to form normal words. Seriously, if you have yet to read this book, you are missing out on some serious shit, for reals.


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