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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Who is this joker?

Hi, how ya doin'? Great.
Welcome to Back Issue Bonanza. I started this blog because I don't have enough to do, and I love comics to an obscene degree. How obscene? I have a gigantic comic collection. 2000+ to be vague. Recently, over the summer, I lost my license to drive, so I decided to catalogue the entire collection. I've gotten 2145 entered so far. There are still about a hundred left in random places in my home, and I keep purchasing them. Plus, there's my 100+ trade paper back and graphic novel collection; which is also growing.

So what's the point of this place?
There are comics I have and love, that many people have no clue about. That's gonna be the main focus of this here blog. Just to reveiw and discuss these un-discovered gems, and their creators. Occasionally I'll plug comics I know that are coming out that you should read, and even up-coming creators I know about. Hell, if I'm lucky, I might get an interveiw or two up here.

Thanks for stopping by. Keep coming in, the door's always open.


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