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Saturday, November 26, 2005


Did this review a while ago.

Do you read comics? Of course you do, you're hip.

Have you read WE3? No? Well, maybe not so hip.

That has to be the greatest comic I've ever read in all my life. I highly recommend you all go out and purchase the tiny trade of all three issues for one of the most poingnant stories I've ever read with some of the greatest art I've ever seen.

Now I don't like to call a lot of comic book illustrations art, and usually Frank Quietly's work doesn't fall under "art" as I define it. But the way the layouts are, well, laid out, and the amazing quality and realism throughout this book puts it in the top echelons of great art in the comics world.
Morrison (one of the hottest writers from the past few years) tells a story about three pet animals that were supposedly snatched from the street. They were "pet-napped" to become the next generation of super-soldier. A bio/techno-altered creature what would save man from having to die in wars. These 3 are the next step up in the technological age's ever-increasing arsenal. However, they are scheduled to be decomissioned. With the help of the doctor who trained them, they escape. The rest of the story is a philosophical romp about the will to live, having love, and being a "gud dog."
The covers are a special addendum. Each cover is a "Missing Pet Poster" of the three animals to help give a sense of their history, and reinforces the idea that they were pet-napped.
As with all Morrison's books, the pacing is edge of your seat insanity. It seems disjointed at first, but that's probably because you're reading too fast. If you allow your eyes to fall over the Quietly's gruesomely beautiful line work, you can see a well crafted tale that may bring you to tears.

All in all, if you haven't read this book, then you haven't lived.

Here're the covers:


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