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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ass-Load of Quicky Reviews

So, I've been doing this thing over on my LJ where I just talking in brief (and in SOC) about the comics I purchased that day. Here's a backlog of those:

Tomorrow Stories: Special: Yup, it's more funness from your's and my favorite Northhampton resident Alan Moore, and some other jokers. Stories include Jack B. Quick (Kevin Nowlan), Cobweb (Melinda Gebbie), Splash Branigan (Hilary Barta), Johnny Future (Cameron Stewart), and Greyshirt (Rick Veitch). Also, Steve Moore (no relation) wrote some junk.

All-Star Superman: Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly. Superman gonna die?!?!??! Buy #2 and find out!!

Danger Girl: Back in Black: Abby and Sidney are on the trail undercover as bikers to track down this crazy Native American skull thingie. Written by Andy Hartnell (of course) and drawn by Nick Bradshaw (he did something about some Evil Dead recently or something). Just good clean sexual fun.

Infinite Crisis #2: Yeah! More convoluted stuff with a shit load of continuity I don't pay attention to. But, it has a proper Superman in it, instead of the namby-pamby emo one we've had since Byrne pooped him out in the 80's.

DMZ: I don't know nothin' about it. I remember reading a preview and enjoying it and everyone loves Brian Wood for some reason or another so I grabbed it. Something about post-apocolyptical stuff or some such noise, which I enjoy, so I'm lookin' forward to it.

Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan: SETH FISHER ART. What more do you want? Ok, it's about the FF and ol' Ironside fighting a bunch of monsters in Japan for some weird ass reason. Cool as hell, and SETH FISHER ART. dammit, pick it up already.

The Walking Dead #23: People are still dead. The black guy is still pissed. Rick is still the voice of reason. Kirkman and Adlard are still on it. Wick'd update, eh?

Y The Last Man #39: Yorick's penis is front page news!!! Pirates lie!! THE MONKEY IS STILL MISSING!!! Also, some jew shot Yorick's mama, or did she....?

Local: I don't know anything about it besides Ryan Kelly is a genuis with a pen, and Brian Wood comes highly recommended. See above.

Green Arrow #56: Dr. Light's a badass now. I swear, sometimes comics are worse than Hollywood in terms of re-hashing old shit. ehh, Green Arrow's still a great character.

Green Lantern #5: Sharkman's bitin' down on the battery!! OH NOES!! I have no idea what's going on here, but the cover looks wicked cool. Black Hand gets his hand back. Didn't know it was missing? Check out Rebirth. Or carry on not caring.

Rann-Thanagar War: Well, this series just wrapped up. It was written by Dave Gibbons (of Watchmen fame) and illustrated by Ivan Reis and other people. The art is, for the most part, gorgeous. It's very dynamic and has an odd sketchy quality while still being inked. Gibbons script is very melodramatic without being cheesy. The story is pretty neat. I bought it for the Green Lantern tie-in (also, there's an important Infinite Crisis tie-in). All the major players are a whole lotta B-list comic heroes, and I love it. The GLs featured are Kyle Rayner and Kilowog. Then there's Captain Atom, Captain Comet, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Shayerra, the original Hawkgirl. Oh, and Shayerra died. oop, you didn't care did you?

Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #2: This is just a fun book so far. I'm going all fanboy over the re-instatement of the GL Corps. This is following Kyle, Kilowog, and Guy Gardner mostly. Hal's the center of attention back at the re-launched GL book. Gibbons (also known for his re-launch of the GL book back in the early 80's) along with Geoff Johns (who did Rebirth) are doing well with characterazations and story in general. Patrick Gleason's pencils are a little disappointing sometimes, but Prentis Rollins' and Christian Alamy's inks are awesome. This issue centered around Mogo (who doesn't socalize), the green lantern that's a planet; and kind of goes forth from where Rann-Thanagar War left off. I hope the rest of this series is good. I love me some GLs.

Infinite Crisis #1: Here it is, the event that DC's been building up to for the past year or more. The event that attempts to milk off the seminal Crisis on Infinite Earths story arc from the 80's that brought clarity and one continuity to the DC universe. I have no idea what's gonna happen with this one. There is so much to pay attention to with this crap. I've kind of kept it to the Green region of the DC universe, but I do want to see some of the recent JLA stuff with Batman's mindwipe issue coming to light. (tehe) Most of this issue revolves around the holy trinity of DC, Bats, Supes,, and their big heads butting against each other. Also there's the reprecussions of Diana (WW) killing Maxwell Lord (sort of head of the Kiffen/DeMatteis branch of the JL) after he killed Ted Kord (the Blue Beetle who work with Lord) and oh my god there's so much I'm gonna stop.
Best line in the whole book was from Batman (of course), "But they need to be inspired. And let's face it, 'Superman'...the last time you inspired anyone--was when you were dead." OOO! Burn!!
And all the people talking in the shadows at the beginning? It was Old Superman, Superboy (not the new one that's being a pussy) and someone who I can only guess as being Old Lois Lane. (check your local Wal-Mart for the new figures)

Batman Legends of the Dark Knight: Snow #192-196: Seth Fisher art. What more do you want? Oh ok, It was written by J.H. Williams III (who I enjoy immensly and is probably most famous for his art in Alan Moore's magical Prometha) and Dan Curtis Johnson (who I remember from somewhere, but the name escapes me now). It's a re-telling of Dr. Freeze's origin with a side story about Batman forming a team of people to help him with investigative crap. But really, it's all about Fisher's art.

Ok, that's the last of the mainstream fun.

Transformers #0: ZOMG! That's right, IDW got a hold of that slippery Transformers license and here comes a whole new series! Brought to you by Simon "I Like to Write About Giant Robots" Furman and illustrated by E.J. "I Like to Draw Giant Robots and Also Monkeys" Su. The set-up is good even if there is no real giant robot action in this issue (we gotta wait 'til January? WHAT??). Su's art is good as always, and I think he'll be bringing a fresher atittude to the TF franchise than we've seen from recent artists. (not to downplay them, I loved the last relaunch of transformers) He just has a more fluid approach to the design that lends itself to a more comical feel. But, he's understanding of robotics and technical drawings surprised you at first, then you're just left breathless. It's $0.99 people, go get it.

The Amazing Joy Buzzards Vol.2 #1: WOO! My new favorite comic comes out with a second volume? My world is rocking. There's really not a whole lot to say about this issue that I haven't already said about Mark Smith and Dan Hipp's comic phenominon. Best Line of this book:
Dalton - "Sir, you're taking a piss."
General - "What? No, I'm not kidding around!"
Dalton - "No, sir, on me. You're taking a piss on me."
ooo, that wacky general.

The Walking Dead #22: Robert Kirkman, good writer, understands people both dead and alive. Charlie Adlard, good artist, good storyteller. Cliff Rathburn, knows his gray tones. Not a lot to talk about except story development, and this is sort of like Lost in that, if you haven't been following the story before now, you won't get it. (completly necessary use of commas, bitch.)

Shaolin Cowboy #4: As Frank Miller said in the book Eisner/Miller, "[Geofrey Darrow] is an absurdist."* Shaolin Cowboy as a whole is a perfect example of that. In this issue, the fight between Shaolin Cowboy and the three monsters from the last issue ensues. First SC has to fight the sombie thing with a detatched head held aloft by a seagull of some sort. The dialogue between the other two monsters and the eloquent monologues of SC's ass are a bit long winded, and I was a bit tired when I read the book so I kept falling asleep. But, Darrow's art is as gorgeous as it could possibly be. Shaolin Cowboy is one of the few books I like to take out once in a while and just stare at the art.

Acme Library of Novelty: Chris Ware is a godsend for the comics industry. He has the potential to be just as influential to this medium as Will Eisner. This hardcover collets the one page insert strips he has included in his comic periodical over the past several years. The book is good, and it showcases Ware's quirky and insanely intricate sense of humor. His understanding of sequential art in general is astounding. He makes the most intricate and seemingly befuddled comic page I've seen anyone do, but somehow makes it so it's instinctive to follow. His work is so hard to find for me though, so everything I see with his unique style on it, I'll buy up immediatly.

Invincible #26: It's still good. Wya's art still impresses me. The story's starting to drag though. I'm kind of tired of these surprise last page endings as well. It better start getting back to being cool as hell instead of just neat.
Outsiders #29: Still alright. The art is a bit inconsistant and the story was lacking a bit. Plus, I'm not sure of the direction going on here...
Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere #4: I'm not really sure why I'm buying the singles. I have the book and the TV series, but neither are that spectacular. The comic is good, i like the adaption, and Fabry's line art is starting to grow on me. (On a side note, I picked up Anansi Boys like three weeks ago and still haven't read a lick of it.)
Y the Last Man #38: I haven't read this issue yet, and I can't remember the last issue. Well, I kind of can. I need to find all 37 of 'em and re-read 'em again.
Green Arrow #55: James Jean's art makes me so happy. Too bad he's only doing the covers :'(
Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan #1 (of 4): It's Seth Fisher art, how could you say no?
Fell #2: The first on was awesome. Plus it's only 1.99, and Warren Ellis. How could you go wrong?
Jack Cross #1 & #2: Speaking of Ellis. I'm excited about this one because it's Ellis and Erskine. I fucking loved City of Silence.
Defenders #3(of 5): It's Geffen, DeMatteis, and Maguire. This is a fun series, but nothing spectacular.
DC Showcase Presents: Green Lantern Vol.1: So, DC has start their own Ultimates line with DC All-Stars. That's super. Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder was a bit of a disappointment, especially considering who it was from, but Superman looks promising with Morrison and Quietly who I have yet to be disappointed in. Now DC has a line very akin to Marvel's hit reprint trade series Essentials. This reprints all the original silver age GL stuff and I'm loving every bit of it. Gil Kane is an amazing artist, and I don't think anyone's ever drawn a human flying in a more natural pose. It's a mix between a swan dive, a jump, and flailing about for dear life. They've also got: Jonah Hex, Metamorpho, JLA, and Superman. GL and Superman are only 9.99. It was awesome.

Elk's Run: I bought this for Paul Maybury's back up, and picked up the other two issues in case there was something else. Oh, and Nate's werewolf comedy. The main story is pretty good, it's about a small community that's set up its own governing rules, and when someone breaks those rules, they are punished. it's only to three issues as far as i know (someone feel free to correct me) but i'm looking forward to more.
Absolute Zeroes: By one of my favorite unknowns, Jeremy Dale, a.k.a."don't call me a " pandajeremy. It's a good story about a brother and sister that inadverdantly gain super-powers. They're an unlikely duo, and, of course, hilarity ensues. In my signed copy of issue one, the art isn't the best I've seen his, but it's still far and above a lot of artists out there. Why he isn't drawing spider-man yet, I'll never understand.
And speaking of Jeremy, I'd recommend highly his 24 hour comic Storytellers. It's one of the best tributes to the medium's history I've ever read.
Project: Genesis: Another small press/underground/independent/idon'tknowwhattocallhim creator Ben Rollman, aka Xadrian about robot hunters. The art is amazingly good for being pencils and the story has me wanting more. I can't wait for the next issue. If you like sci-fi action and robots and crazy good tech and even better art, I highly suggest you go and beg Ben for a copy. Money would probably help.
The Blueberry Saga: Confederate Gold: This is my first graphic novel from the brilliant mind of Jean "MOEBIUS" Giraud, with the story by Jean-Michelle Charlier. It's one of the best westerns I've ever read and it's by two french guys. If you've never heard of Moebius, then I am sad for you.

I plan on doing more extensive reviews of several of these titles soon. I hope to do Absolute Zeroes #2 and Project: Genesis #2 very soon. You listening Jeremy and Ben?


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