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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Amazing Joy Buzzards

Another old review. I guess I'm just trying to bulk this place up.

So, Original Nate turned me onto this little comic called The Amazing Joy Buzzards by Mark Andrew Smith and Dan Hipp. This has to be the coolest and most fun comic I've EVER read.

The story follows the adventures of a teen heart-throb ass-kicking band called the Amazing Joy Buzzards and they're best friend in the whole world, the mythical, mexican luchador, El Campeon. If this doesn't entice you, read on.

Dan Hipp's art is, well, it's hip. It's a style I've been noticing for a while now and he has one of the most fluid version of this gorillaz sans anime form yet. Every panel is bursting forth with kinetic energy, whether it's stopping their bassist who has just turned into a giant Kirby-esque monster, or their drummers forl-lorn glances at a certain hottie tottie.

The art is crisp and simple, if not a bit inconsistant, and carries the comic very well through all the mis-adventures. It's presented in a three color format of black, white, and pink, at least the first issue is. This works for the book, but it probably could have had any number of colors included and still kicked my ass.

But, then it might not have been only $11.95. That's right kittens, $11.95!!! That's 160 pages of pure, unadulterated fun, in three colors, for about as much as a shitty DC trade. But this is no shitty DC trade, this is an amazing Image trade with that nice smooth paper stock I love some much.

Smith's writing is fast, and action oriented. There is an ass load of words, which one wouldn't expect in an action/adventure/monster/mystery comic, but it doesn't distract from the story at all. I'm all too glad to read through all the psuedo-expository dialogue because of the fun you know Smith is having with it. This could be considered a tongue in cheek sort of story, kind of spoofing old mystery shows of the sixties (Scooby-Doo, etc.), but that would be short selling the book. It's its own kind of monster almagating dozens of genres into the funnest book I've ever seen.

All in all, if you can't tell by now, this is my new favorite comic, and I'm not done reading it. The only reason you don't have it is you haven't asked you local comic store for it yet. Or I haven't let you borrow it. You know who you are ;).


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